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Welcome to Cargoleando, the children’s paradise located in the heart of Andorra! Here, we joyfully celebrate the most magical birthdays and organize unique events that leave a mark in the hearts of families. With two cozy premises near the center of Andorra, Cargoleando offers a vibrant and safe space where fun and imagination have no limits. Come and discover a world of games, laughter and adventures where every party becomes an unforgettable memory. Join the party at Cargoleando, where every day is a special celebration

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Parque Infantil - Math - Andorra

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Children's birthdays in Andorra

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We offer an exceptional service for hiring children’s birthday parties. We understand the importance of such a special day for the little ones, and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to creating unique and unforgettable celebrations. Our birthday packages are designed to suit all needs and budgets, offering a wide range of fun activities, themed decorations and delicious catering. With the help of our expert and attentive team, every detail will be taken care of, from planning to execution, ensuring that the day is as magical as you dreamed it would be.

How is a Xiquipark in Andorra?

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A space open to the public intended for children where we offer fun days in our facilities, fully adapted to the different needs and ages.

It has an inflatable mattress, two playgrounds (one of them on two levels) and an activity room.

In addition, we offer a bar-cafeteria service for children and adults.

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An original place, full of colors and fun with a lawn that invites you to play with family and friends in a private environment.

It has a trampoline, a children’s playground (on two levels) and a fun climbing wall.

Available only to organize meetings, birthdays and anything you want to celebrate privately.

Parque Infantil - playground - Andorra

Play area

Our space is the perfect place for children to explore, play and connect with each other

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We have expert monitors dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the little ones at all times.

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Materials and toys

Wide selection of educational materials and toys, designed to inspire and enrich the learning experience.

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From creative workshops to educational games, the activities offer a unique opportunity for exploration and fun.

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Facial makeup for children

Makeup for Children and Funny Costumes

With our selection of themes and vibrant colors, your children will have a unique experience, while you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are in expert hands. We celebrate unforgettable moments together with the make-up and costume activity led by professionals.

Let the children's imagination run wild

We use makeup that is harmless and respectful of children's skin.

It facilitates interaction

By being made up, they experience a bond with the other children who participate in the activity, thus facilitating community play.

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What can you find in our Xiquiparc?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ball Park and Educational Activities:

We follow strict safety protocols, including regular facility disinfection, access control and constant supervision by our staff to ensure a safe environment for all.

Yes, you can bring your own educational toys, but make sure they are safe and appropriate for the park environment.

Our activities are guided by expert monitors who look after the children’s well-being at all times, ensuring a safe and fun environment.

We have a wide range of educational material, including learning toys, interactive books and teaching resources for different ages.

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